Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels    up to 60 minutes      $75

Chemical peels are a great way to accelerate cell regeneration, remove dead skin cells and improve skin texture. Peels are an effective anti-aging skin care. (Treating wrinkles, fine lines, acne, acne scars, fade hyperpigmentation and increase tone and hydration) A skin consultation is requested to analyze your skin type for suitability and advice on skin preparation. Various Alpha Hydroxy and Beta Hydroxy Peels are available including:

  • Intense Anti-Oxidant (get the glow back!)
  • Glycolic (anti-aging)
  • Lactic 30% (anti-aging, brighten & hydrate)
  • Lactic 50% (anti-aging,brighten& hydrate)
  • Salicylic 20% (Acne)
  • Five Berry (Acne Scarring, Anti-Aging, Hyper-Pigmentation)
  • Vitamin A (Hyperpigmentation, aging, sagging, mild acne)
  • TCA 15% (Post Inflammatory acne scars,Anti-aging)

Peels may be purchased in a series of six, scheduled 2 weeks apart for best results - $390 (a savings of $10 per peel). When properly done, peels are skin changing! We use pharmaceutical grade Glymed Plus Products.(Please note that sun avoidance and protection is necessary while doing peels)



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